Our Services

Villaty develops the plot area on behalf of the owner, whether the project is a private or commercial villa in an integrated manner and by key handover.


Our services are divided into two main divisions:


Basic Services:

- Architectural, Interior and Services Design
- Licensing
- Supervision


Additional Services:

The following additional & optional services Villaty provides are based upon request:
- Design and implementation of Gardens
- Furnishing
- Home Automation Services



Operational Procedures

Operational phases of the project are divided into three phases:
- Contractual stage
- Preparatory phase
- Operational phase


Contractual stage

This stage represents the pre-signing of the contract, where it is through 3 main steps where the owner of the gallery visit is as follows:


The first step (first visit): Project Presentation, where through this visit:
- Explain the operational procedures of Villaty
- Showing the proposed designs
- Proposed Design Selection
- Knowledge of the initial cost of the proposed design
- Customer notification required documents to complete the contract


The second step (second visit): Registration and Accreditation first, where at this stage:
- Receiving Plot Map and the rest of the required documents
- Determine the site of the first villa in the ground
- Pay a registration fee of 10,000 AED which is not refundable and counted among the fees
- Final pricing for contractors


The third step (third visit): final adoption of the signing of the contract, where in this visit:
- Contractor is selected
- The adoption and signing of the contract that contains detailed specifications and drawings for the project and the final price
- Down payment worth 15% of the contract value


Preparatory phase

The phase after signage of contract and precedes to the implementation phase (60-day period) where majored acts of soil testing and NOC in addition to the final license.

Operational phase:

A phase that is calculated depending on each project.