Villaty is a pilot project launched by Omar Bin Eid Architects that specializes in distinctive, luxury residential villas and commercial units which contain the best architectural details.
We at Villaty manage turnkey projects where the owner can select the design of a private house or a commercial cluster of villas from a wide selection of designs covering all tastes.
Our team consists of highly experienced interior designers and Architects who prepare the designs and supervise them to ensure the quality of interior spaces.
The operational procedures & stages are fast paced whereas after the selection of the design is made by the client, the contractor selection phase starts from a list of carefully selected contracting companies working with us who have proven and are qualified to work on our projects. Upon the project implementation stage, we hire a member from our creative team or a project manager as a representative to our owner to follow up with the projects step by step.
Villaty provides home automation services with the latest technological systems which control all electrical functions in the household –which adds more luxury and enjoyment in the house as technology control is crucial for preserving the internal environment.


We do our best to provide high end quality services that combine creativity and originality and at the same time create successful relationships with our clients.
Our main purpose is to build long term relationships with our clients by constantly striving to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations through simplification using our knowledge, extensive design experience and creativity. 
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